Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I've become addicted to NBC's new tv series "Heroes".

Great everything so far, concept, story, acting, beautifully shot.

The viewer is tossed around between multiple sub-stories all over America, India and Japan.
Random (?) people suddenly discover that they possess an unusual skill and react very differently to it.

This series is in fact as much an intricate relationship drama as it is a superhero-story.
So it doesn't matter what you're into, Heroes won't disappoint you!

I like: The fact that the Japanese guy is called "Hiro", fun pun!

Hiro's expression while he uses his power!

That the cool little daughter in "Remember the Titans" (great film btw)
grew up and became one of the superheroes!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mmm..my new darling

You know that furry feeling (referred to as 'woolen gloves' by a friend of mine) on your teeth after eating something sweet?

I finally found a way to get rid of it. Listerine mouthwash! (available at Apoteket, länk här)

Green, mean, tastes exactly like Swedish chewing gum Jenka.
It claims to keep teeth clean for 12 hours, so used morning and night gives you full protection against the gloves!! I really noticed a difference, no matter what I eat, my teeth are smooth as a baby's bottom.

Just be careful with how much you take, it's so strong that a few drops (a teaspoon?) is enough. 20 ml is waaaaay too much, believe you me! Give it a try why dont ya!!