Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mera Fredagsgourmet!

Nu finns äntligen en till bok i den, av mig själv tidigare hyllade, Fredagsgourmet-serien! Den tredje boken, som heter "Mera Fredagsgourmet", är späckad med 150 nya recept ur den populära kolumnen från Allt om Mat.
Har inte hunnit kasta mig huvudstupa in i recepten i praktiken, men när jag bläddrat i boken känner jag igen stuket. Lättlagat with a twist. Det kan vara en ny och annorlunda ingrediens, eller en välkänd ingrediens på ett nytt ställe. Till exempel har jag sett att de har VANILJ i en sås som ska vara till gösfilé. Måste testa!

Monday, October 17, 2005


I just love the website of Plot (which consists of a couple of Danish architects). It is like a candy bag, a bunch of colorful little icons lead you on to something tasteful (more often than not). They seem to build a lot of physical models, some of which are very detailed and even lit from within! From the looks of it, concept rules above everything else, but I cannot help but wonder whether some of it isn't actually post-constructed...

However, is definitely very worth a visit! And hey, if you search the page thoroughly, you might find a special little treat!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Blind Watchmaker

... is a great book by Richard Dawkins, that makes you think about evolution in a whole new way.
I read it a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. It has a scientific point of view without being too hard to get through, the language is somewhere in the middle of essay and novel. Very interesting from the first page to the last, give it a try!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Skeleton Key

I spent a lovely week of sun and snorkelling on Crete, and came home Friday afternoon. More on that later. Friday night I saw a movie that I would like to recommend, "The Skeleton Key".

Without telling you too much, this is the story in short: The movie takes place in New Orleans. Kate Hudson plays a nurse who gets tired of her old job. She moves in with a couple to assist the husband who has had a stroke, gets a skeleton key that opens every door in the house (almost) and it doesn't take long before she begins to suspect something fishy is going on..

I really enjoyed the movie, it's not too scary really but a bit creepy at times. It is beautifully filmed with a yellowish tone to it (think "O Brother, Where art Thou?") and the soundtrack really adds to the spooky feeling, being a little cosy at the same time.

My boyfriend will sure be sad to see that "If I Can Dream", by the one and only Elvis Presley, is not included in the soundtrack, even though it is played in the movie...