Friday, January 25, 2008

Surf's Up

Saw this movie yesterday and got a positive surprise! The reviews here have been quite bad.
Apart from the storyline that indeed was a bit thin, I really liked it! I've never seen an animated film in a documentary format, innovative and very fun, they really portrayed the natural, non-acting behaviur and humour of the characters. (When the mother serves her "stew" is hilarous!)

And the animation and computer graphics were AMAZING!! The water looked real and fooled me many times. And they had real weather, like on the day of the big surf event, the weather was real bad and you could feel it in the light, colours and shadows. The standard thing to do would be to make the big event day sunny and bright!

I also loved the chicken character, voice by Jon Heder. He is always a pleasure to watch, animated or not!

(Another well made film is Ratatouille, but I found the story rather childish)
(Another nice surf film is Blue Crush with Kate Bosworth. Not the best movie you will see but its in my top movies in the feelgood category.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I recently bought this bug from IKEA for my godson, it's SO cool! The mouth has a zipper and you can hide stuff in there. I felt a little stab in the heart when I gave it away, so I had to get one myself. Buy these for your kids! They are supersoft and have no plastic parts. I love it!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Equale rättvisemärkt choklad.

Jag har ofta en väsk-choklad i handväskan för de där tillfällena då man behöver litet energi (och njutning). Ju mörkare desto bättre är min devis, åtminstone upp till 76%.

Min senaste väskchoklad är Equale Extra Mörk från Sackeus. Rättvise- och kravmärkt (den första i världen enligt de själva).

Och jättegod! Ett fint klick när man bryter den ska ju vara viktigt, så det lyssnade jag efter och det lät bra.
Smaken är underbart fyllig och fin med nåt slags blomster-eftersmak. Konsistensen är slät, fast och krämig på samma gång.

En solklar rekommendation!