Monday, March 13, 2006


I just solved two of my major storage problems. See, the thing is that I forget about stuff that I don't see all the time.

I have loads of makeup. It used to be all mixed up in a huge makeup box, all the little packages rubbing against eachother, most of them long since forgotten.

Until I went to Muji (at the recommendation of a sales person at Face Stockholm). This lovely lovely little shop. (or corner of Ã…hlens) I found these lovely little acrylic storage units with drawers.
Two of them got to go home with me, one 3 drawer and one 5 drawer unit.

They solved all my problems! I got so happy that the next day, I went for yet another one for my earring collection. I can now see everything that I own. And stuff will not get chipped or sticky och yucky because of excess fumbling. Thank you, Muji!

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Kat said...

muji is a real cool store. it was featured in the german issue of glamour and really looked like something one just feels like having.