Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In the time of need

My computer crashed hard a few days ago. When I tried to restart, XP had thrown in the towel, all I got was a Blue Screen of Death and the whole thing started over again.

I Googled and Googled, and somehow I came across this lovely little thing called EBCD, Emergency Boot CD. It pretty much saved my life! I had backups of most of the important stuff, schoolwork and such, but there's so much nonsens and nostalgia that means a lot on a laptop!
I found valuable info here and here.

After a couple of hours, along with some fiddling with the XP cd, I managed to get it to start normally again, and I even got back my old desktop background (a picture of Morrissey that I found on the Foundphotos page).

Now I have mixed feelings. I feel like a super-geek-hero..ine (think Sandra Bullock in "the Net") since I got the darn thing working again. But I am also on pins and needles because I still don't know if it will last.
Darn. Why can't I learn to
a.) be thankful for what I've got, when I've got it (like a working computer)?
and b.) quit procrastinating the backup-making?

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