Sunday, February 27, 2005

I love... toothbrush. I am probably telling you this because I am getting ready to go to bed, and my favourite toothbrush naturally came to mind as recommendation #1.

The toothbrush in question, my friends, is no ordinary toothbrush. It's made by Pepsodent and has a wrinkled rubber thingy in the middle of the straws, which I've found very useful to achieve that newly-brushed, flat feel to the surface of the teeth. On the package (if I am not mistaken that is, who actuelly keeps the packages?) it is written that this brush makes your teeth whiter as well. I dunno, they might be a little right. Or, that may be an optical illusion created by your brain and the fact that your teeth FEEL cleaner, therefore whiter. Well, be that true or not, there's nothing wrong with clean teeth, is there?

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