Sunday, February 27, 2005

Today will be spent...

..feeling sorry for myself and drinking grapefruit juice.
While doing that, I am probably going to wear one or both of these luxurious items:

  • A Wheat Warmer (a heavy, oblong pillow stuffed with whole wheat grains). Great for muscle aches and.. well, pretty much any aches. Put it in the microwave, as hot as you can get it for three minutes. When you take it out, it will be warm and nice for several hours. Hang it around your neck or put it on your stomach while lying down. Not only is this great for keeping warm and feeling taken care of, you get that "fresh baked bread" aroma as well!
  • Down slippers. Huge and warm. And they give you that "zombie walk" where you drag your feet around making spooky noises. Which kinda adds to your image considering that you have a cold and probably feel like walking like that anyway.

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