Sunday, February 27, 2005

A propos zombies...

...I have to recommend a great zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead

Actually.. it's more of a rom-com. With zombies and lots of 'em. Still, the main intrigue is in fact Shaun, a thirty-something British guy, trying to get his relationship to work. Shaun may not be my kinda guy but he does have a big heart. While he is trying to get things right people around him start to behave in a strange way. I love how they at first introduce the zombies as subtle background characters, and gradually involve them more and more (one of my favourite scenes involves a slippery floor at the supermarket. Very refined indeed). The entire movie is full of easter eggs (kinda, the
definition of easter eggs is a bit harsh) and allusions, of which you catch more and more if you watch it several times.

The movie is excellent at making you squirm, scream and laugh at the same time. I love it.

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Nicklas said...

The slippery floor is one of the best scenes, I really can't decide which is THE best. Beside that one, there's the camera in the back yard and the Clockwork Oranage homage to the music of Queens.