Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lager 157

Today a couple of friends and I went to Lager 157 in Gällstad, near Borås.

It has lost some of it's former glory, probably it does so in the same pace as becoming increasingly popular. Stuff is not as cheap as it used to be, which is kinda bothering me.
However, I am very pleased with the move and redecoration, it looks less like a warehouse and more like a boutique.

The finds today:

A light turquoise t-shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch

A couple of scarves

A pair of boxers / shorts? from Swedish brand Velour

Not bad.

When I got home though, I got a bad case of post-shoperative-angst. I rejected a t-shirt at the last moment, which I very much regret. It was a très soft and very cool tie-dye C&C California
tee. Here it is:

I now absolutely love it because I cant get hold of it. And the price was ridiculously low compared to that on the homepage.. 220 SEK versus $ 62.00. I am such a fool!

It may be discussed whether I am a fool because of not buying the tee or whether, in fact, I am a fool because I am so stuck in the consumer-trap. I have absolutely no need for another t-shirt, no matter how soft or cool it is. Damnit. Sometimes it hurts to be clear-sighted.


Anna said...

but there is nothing worse than regretting a non-buy...

Rebecca said...

I am most aware of that :)
However, semestern hägrar bakom knuten och då kan man utlands-fynda istä övertygar jag mig själv om att den där t-shirten nog inte var så fin ändå..

990000 said...

omg i've never seen a tie-dye like that before

Anonymous said...

Has Lager 157 C&C ?