Tuesday, June 14, 2005

White nectarines!

This is a little known fact in Sweden (at least I did not know until my friend pointed it out to me).
There are two kinds of nectarines, yellow ones and white ones.
I never picked the white ones before, because I thought they were less ripe. This is wrong! Abroad I have noticed that they are sold separately, which would be nice to see here too.

To those of you who weren't aware of this most valuable piece of knowledge: look for nectarines that are WHITE and red on the outside. They are much more aromatic (smell them in the store) and have a sweeter taste, even in a state of crispiness where most yellow nectarines would find themselves tasting bitter and powdery.

Read more about this phenomenon here.


sara said...

Hade ingen aning om detta - tack för tipset - ska kolla ALLTID!!

Anonymous said...

Så har man lärt sig något nytt, tackar.

Jenny said...

Also strongly recomend white peches. Delichh...