Friday, June 03, 2005

My most recent time-waster

"Desperate Housewives" is dark, Tim Burton-esque (it should be, Danny Elfman made the theme) and very entertaining.
It takes place on Wisteria Lane, a perfect suburban street with green lawns and great neighbours. At least that's the way it seems...

The main characters differ very much in style and personality, not unlike Sex and the City. Instead of meeting at a local bar or café to do the heavy gossiping, they meet at home, playing poker. The juicy news can be anything from infidelity to cold blooded murder. However, they all keep more or less
dark secrets from eachother too (which the girls in SATC never did, they found support in eachother). In this series, it's all about keeping up appearances.

I have to add this to my list of "What to see if you have to watch TV".

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Anne said...

Isn't it a lovely show? I'm just miserably upset that it's already over. I, having no patience, watched all the episodes at once, and now.. I'm all out. *sob*