Tuesday, March 01, 2005

What to see if you have to watch TV.

I consider most TV-series time-wasting fast food for your brain. That is, with a few exceptions. Unfortunately they are a few too many just to be a few. Which makes them time-wasting as well... They're just too darn good at making TV-series nowadays. Had this been, say, the 90's I wouldn't have this problem edit: (well I HADN'T a few years ago anyway, didn't mean to diss a decade like that).
However, here they are. The exceptions.

  • Sex And The City. Although dead (rest in peace) this is a pretty good show. They had the respect to kill it just in time, too. Still, some of these days I wonder what Carrie would be wearing if still alive? (Yes. I KNOW she's still alive. Somewhere in TV-series heaven..) As shallow as this may sound, a big part of the fun was watching the wardrobe, and how the girls nurtured their differences in style. Good job, stylists! Well, apart from that the series is also kinda fun.
  • Six Feet Under. Totally miserable from the pilot and forth. What is it with us human beings and other people's misery? Great characters, love the drama. And the sense of humor. So dark. So taboo. Maybe that's the way undertakers are in real life.
  • 24. What can I say? Suspension at it's finest. Jack Bauer is my hero. The stuff he gets himself into! And OUT OF! I'd recommend getting the DVD's, gather some friends and go for a full-season marathon, with breaks only for getting a few hours sleep and ordering Chinese.
  • Nip/Tuck. At first I was somewhat shocked by the brutality of Nip/Tuck, this is not for the faint of heart, nor the prudes. I don't really fit into any of these categories, so i continued watching it. It's actually really good! The characters (most of which seem to be equipped with a nympho streak) all have their flaws , but you kinda feel for them anyway. Like the Sopranos , only with plastic surgeons.
  • the O.C. The Sex and the City of today, at least fashion-wise. I would call it the first excellent soap opera. It took me a while to even consider watching an episode. When I did, it "had me at hello". The script is amazing, and so are the characters. Except for Marissa, whose only purpose in the entire series is to walk out of camera view, crying. Please, make her more colorful in the future!!! Poor Mischa. If I have not convinced you of the excellence of the O.C. yet, well. Let me tell you. It's laughter, tears and extreme goosebumping all the way. This differs from the mainstream!
  • LOST. Not as scary as the pilot indicated, but nevertheless very watchworthy. At first I thought the concept (plane crashes on a faraway island, the survivors are all alone..or are they?) sounded a bit old. But they've really managed to do something original of it. And the many flashbacks are sometimes more interesting than the main plot. Or are they?

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