Thursday, March 24, 2005

Going somewhere soon?

I am going to Paris in a few days. Travelling is fun, especially the part before the trip, when you browse the web for restaurants, flea markets, events, stuff other people recommend. A few trips ago, I found the perfect place to do this:

A user-friendly site that feels up to date. The source is the Frommer's travel guides that are available for sale on the site. I do not get the feeling that they're holding back on the site to get you to buy the books. There's lots of material on almost any travel destination. The articles are written in an informal, funny way but are still very informative. And the message boards seem a popular spot for discussing anything travel-related. Check it out!

Oh, and have you got must-sees (smultronställen)(shops, not too pricey restaurants, whatever) in Paris to recommend, feel free to comment!

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