Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware nasty stain!

When nothing else works on stained clothes, this is what to do: Pre-wash your clothes in cold water using soap made from pure olive oil. Rub gently (or less gently if necessary) and rinse.

Olive oil soap, I've found, wipes almost every stain right out.
I've tried it on various kinds of food, fruit and berry stains, bike chain grease and grass stains. An extra bonus is that it works great as a facial soap as well
The soap I use is from Savon Vierge. If in Sweden, you can get it at NK.

Otherwise, there is lots to be found on the www.
This one (see image above) is nice and cheap, and with a cute wrapping as well.

Yep, olives sure are useful (and TASTY!) little thingies. I often use olive oil right from the bottle on chapped, dry skin (aftersun for the legs!). Try it, it works wonders for me.

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