Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Exquisite effects

This is another step in my campaign for getting people to understand the fabulousness of Eye Shimmer from the Body Shop. Read about a previous (and somewhat successful!) attempt here (at a fabulous blog, I might add, mymarkup.net/anna). Or ask any of my friends, I go on and on about these eyeshadows.
My three favourite shades are gold, emerald and indigo.

The eyeshadow looks totally boring and washed-out until you touch it. You can hardly see any color from the shadow itself, it's all shimmer. Worn au naturel, the effect is only visible from certain angles, which can be really cool. But on top of another shadow, black or whatever, the result is a firework of color and shine. The possibilities are never-ending. Your imagination is the limit. Lemme know what you think!


Jeff S. said...

I want one of those.
This blog is great !

Rebecca said...

Go on and get one then! We're in the 2000's!
And thank you for the kind words :)