Friday, March 18, 2005

Wish-list item #1

This Calvin Klein ring is lovely(the top one in the pic). Which is why I go a bit off-topic and recommend something that I haven't yet tried. Other than in the shop, that is.
The ring is very clean, still it's big and colorful enough to pop out. And, moonstone! I love it. It is semi-transparent and light-reflecting in the most fascinating way. Most of the time the glow is blue, but in certain places you can see a clean, orange reflection as well.
My own theory on that phenomenon is that it is pure physics. Like the experiment in which you pour milk in a glass of water and shine a flashlight through it to explain why the sky is blue and the sunsets are red...
However, I hope to get my hands on this ring (or, more correctly, get this ring on my hands) real soon.

Read about it here, check out more pics here.

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Malin said...

VÄLDIGT fin! Och om man tror på Sandbergs ( faktaruta, så har man ju ännu en anledning att vilja bära den. "I Indien är månstenen helig och sägs bringa bäraren lycka."