Thursday, March 03, 2005

Geek is the new black.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (Jared Hess, 2004)
An adorable low-budget film about the life and worries of Napoleon Dynamite, a weird and grumpy high-school kid with pony-print t-shirts and a quite unusual favourite animal.
While trying to help his latino friend Pedro win the election for class president, he is trying to stand his annoying family. Also, the school prom is coming up and Napoleon needs a date.

The level of imagination and detail is impressive, everything is colorful and well worked. It's hard to decide what I like the best, the dialogue, the wardrobe or the acting. (edit: I´ve given it some thought. What I like the best are the MOVES! That's all I'm going to tell you...) Although hardly with more depth and meaning than the regular high-school comedy, this movie is a
must-see. It's hilarious!

Also, if you rent it, be sure to let it run through the credits for a special treat in the end.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we want numbers! Is it a ten of ten? Or fyra fyror or what?

Rebecca said...

This particular movie would probably get 5 out of 5. So would Shaun of the Dead
This is a blog with stuff that I recommend, only the best makes it this far :P