Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shall I expand my views?

This is a new project, I am open for suggestions. The rules have not been set yet.

A comment on the Napoleon Dynamite post said: " Hey, we want numbers! Is it a ten of ten? Or fyra fyror or what? "

I wonder, is it a good idea to also warn about i e movies NOT to see?
In which case, a one-to-ten system would be necessary.
I have no doubt it would be fun for me, it's always fun to be mean...innit?
(speaking of which I HAVE to recommend Go Fug Yourself, an excellent example of mean-being at it's best.)

So, whaddayathink of this? Will "Rebeccommended" in the future also recommend what to stay well clear of?
Would that add to the experience?

1 comment:

40h said...

Of course.

I think it was Steve Jobs of Apple fame that once said that he was equally proud of the products they make as the ones they didn't make.