Monday, March 14, 2005

Another makeup must... Superbalm Tinted Lip Treatment (Clinique).
There are lots of good moisturizing lipglosses out there. This is why Superbalm beats them all.

The versatility. If you want it all natural, apply just a little. If you want to experience the glossiness and the hint of colour (03 Mango Tint is my favourite), add some more. And then some...

It works really well combined with lipsticks. It blends but still stays put.

No flavour(or smell, for that matter)!! If I wanted to taste something, I'd eat! Which reminds me: eating something with flavoured lipgloss on? Artificial raspberry flavour with, say, olives? Dark chocolate? WINE? I don't think so.

No addiction buildup. I could totally be without it. Totally.

Although it doesn't quite get the thumbs up from the bf kiss-wise (only Eight Hour Cream does), this little darling is an absolute must in every purse.

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Amy Whyte said...

I tried it and loved it! Great value for money too! The shades are great, and subtle enough to use with a lipstick or alone.