Tuesday, March 08, 2005

*Wink wink*

When I wear mascara, I want that fake lash effect. More is definitely more when it comes to eyelashes. Unfortunately, most of the mascaras I've tried can't really pull this off without also looking tacky or lumpy. But I think my long search is finally over. It wasn't cheap, but hey, what is nowadays?

DIORSHOW mascara
from Dior.

"Inspired by the latest runway shows and the behind-the-scenes tricks used by professional models"

The above sentece (found on the web page) sounds a little cheesy, but this mascara had me convinced at my first application. My lashes really looked like glue-on ones!
Perfect build-up in length and volume and it stays on all day long. I've tested it through a couple of saltwater swims and even some tear-jerking movies, not to mention the cold cold winds of Gothenburg. It stays put right where it should be. It does come off easily, but not until you decide so.

Don't you believe me? Buy it and try it!


Bengt said...

You have been observed by Enblogomdan.

Anna said...

Jag har hört mycket gott om diorshow - ska lägga till den på min "måste-prova-mascara-lista". Men eftersom jag inte har lyckats prova defincils ännu så tänkte jag prova den först.