Thursday, August 11, 2005

Crappy weather = reading

I've been reluctant to leave bed these days of crappy Swedish weather. It hasn't helped that the books I've been reading are so exciting that I can hardly leave them...

Traci Lords "Underneath it all"
(unfortunately I read the Swedish version called "Nattens Barn")
The autobiography of Traci Lords (all i knew about her was that she starred in Cry-Baby, a movie that i totally love). I had no expectations whatsoever opening the book, but it was a good read. A bit diary-like, interesting all the way through. I still can't get exactly how the transition from troubled girl to child porn actress happened, but maybe you have to read it twice. Anyways, the book is surprisingly (bad me!) well-written and I recommend it.

J.K Rowling "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

Aah. This is like revisiting an old and dear friend. The enchanting saga of Harry Potter
continues. Although it gets a bit frustrating with all the soap-opera-misunderstandings and failing to communicate between the characters, this is a book you cannot put down. I will not tell you ANYTHING of what it's about. Read it for yourselves and see..

Now I just hope that they ask
Morrissey to do the soundtrack of the next Harry Potter movie. According to a documentary I saw some time ago, Rowling is crazy about him.

Hey, won't the actors be like, thirty-five before the filmmakers have made all the films, if the books keep coming at this pace? It's going to be worse than in Beverly Hills 90210..

2 comments: said...

Har du läst klart boken än då? Den är väldigt bra men jag måste erkänna att det kom några tårar mot slutet.

Rebecca said...

Inga spoilers, tack:P

Men jo, boken är läst och klar...