Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wu jian dao

Just got back from watching a movie at a friend's house. Infernal Affairs (2002) was smart and thrilling with beautiful camerawork. The story is about two moles, one in the police department and one in the mafia. They each get the mission to find out who the other mole is. Sometimes all this twisting and turning gets kinda confusing, be sure to watch it with a discussion partner! I am still not sure about everything. What about the very last scene before the credits, for example? Explanation anyone?


Christian said...

Nope, no explanation for that. Actually thats not the first time that I get confused by a last scene in an asian movie, the worst case was probably "The Isle" (aka Seom). If you ever see it, please dont bother about the ending too much, its a good watch anyway. Oh, and by the way I liked IA too.

Anonymous said...

You always need a discussion partner!