Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This may not be a glamourous tip..

... but someone has to do it..

I want to recommend a pimple extractor, and anti-recommend another.
See, this little thingy, designed right, is an absolute must. My skin seldom brings me any surprises, but the occasional zit pops (haha) in for a visit every now and then, and i simply cannot keep my hands off them!
If you share my impatient behaviour, this will help to get rid of even the smallest blackhead wihout clawing until you bleed and it gets infected and turns into a real pimple!

So, attention dear readers. This is the one that, in my experience, works the best. It has a little "spoon-shaped" end with a tiny hole in the middle.

The one to avoid (unless your pimples ar of another species than mine) looks more like some kind of tick-remover and has two little "hoops". This, in my humple opinion, works not nearly as good to apply the even pressure of the "spoon-extractor". Well, here it is:

I've bought mine at a pharmacy on Gran Canaria. You may find them at the Body Shop, although I am pretty sure that they only have the wrong kind nowadays.
This is a place to get them from the internet.

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