Monday, May 09, 2005


This is what's looking down on me every time I open the kitchen cabinet.
My father returned from a trip to Italy with the mandatory giant chunk of parmigiano reggiano and a bag of cantuccini. For my mother! And as she always saves stuff until it crawls out of the bag by itself, these cookies will probably never see daylight in their prime. Unless I come up with some devious plan...

Cantuccini (or, as I've always said, "biscotti".. which is wrong, because thats just "cookie" or "biscuit" in general) are Italian cookies with whole almonds and a bit of lemon juice (I think). Will have to ask my classmate for the recipe, she makes KILLER cantuccini.

It says here (and everywhere) that these darlings are best enjoyed with sweet wine (Vino Santo) which I have to try, but the "killer-cantuccini-friend" served them with mascarpone. And that was molto bene too.

Edit: Tried them out and I must say that the ones you can buy in Sweden (small pic) are better. The brand is called Colussi.

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