Friday, May 13, 2005

An odyssey in bad taste...

We went crazy this afternoon and went to Ullared!
A well known Swedish phenomenon it is, the huge shopping mall Gekås in the middle of nowhere that sells just about everything. According to my mother, you could find great clothes there thirty years ago. Today, I am sad to say, the clothes there serve as a perfect indication of what to avoid at all costs, fashion-wise. Yet, the lingerie and swimwear department is allright, so is the Home & Kitchen and the cosmetics! Today I left with only a couple of facial creams and a necklace. Unfortunately, the H&M shop there was closed today. It's always packed with crazy offers.

Another well-known Swedish phenomenon is Kärringrallyt. That's when a couple of old ladies go crazy and take the entire tour, including Ullared, all the fabric factories in Borås and Lager 157 in Gällstad. Nowadays, probably Freeport, Kungsbacka as well.

I once did the full Kärringrally, and stopped for lunch at Klevs Gästgiveri (phone no here), Mårdaklev. Highly recommended, great staff and lovely Swedish food.

Lager 157 (an outlet near Borås) is actually well worth a visit! I recommend it. They've got all kinds of brands, loads of jeans. It's a bit like SOLO but much cheaper. Try it out!

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