Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My buddy Chuck.

'"No matter what your size, these are big shoes to fill"

At least that's what they say on the homepage. I would change that to "no matter what your size, these babies are the ultimate spring shoes".
White Chuck Taylors will go with pretty much any outfit. Well, that's my theory at least, which is why I bought them myself a couple of days ago. Had a pair of red ones (or two) before but felt somewhat limited color-wise. I hope my theory will be proven correct, I love these shoes.

yea yea, I know. This is old news and I am totally un-original...
Read more about the Chucks here.

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Britta said...

Själv har jag ett par beiga och de går verkligen till pretty much everything. Köpta i Paris faktiskt, vid närmare eftertanke.