Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Out with the old, in with the..OLD?

Yesterday I did some deep digging in the boxes and the bags in my "hidden chamber" (skrubb in Swedish).
The thought was to find some old clothes that I can re-use and some that I can get rid of.
I scored jackpot. Two old skirts (thin offwhite and white cotton), one from Mango and one from Zara, revealed their true identities to me.
One turned out to be a great dress with the mere help of a belt or ribbon. The other one, set with a brooch, became a really cute top. Maybe I'll post a pic or two in the near (or far) future, so that you can watch the magic happen. I will take a look at my other skirts to see if they hold this potential too. Sometimes I feel so creative.

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