Monday, May 02, 2005

Now that spring is finally here..

...what could possibly be better than a romantic ice-cream in a romantic city?
Here are my personal favourites:

Lejonet & Björnen - Gothenburg

The other day I went with a friend to Lejonet och Björnen to get rid of some cravings since the Paris trip (see below). They had a "Taste menu" with ten (!) flavours of choice in a waffle boat. I can never decide, so I thought that was the thing for me. Let me just say, when I walked out of there, I had no more cravings.
This is about as good as ice cream gets in Gothenburg. They have loads of weird flavours. During my 10-flavor-orgy, I fell for Limoncello (LOVELY!!), Marcipan and
Cinnamon. Oh, and the Italian Chocolate. The joy. The pleasure.

Amorino - Paris

When I was in Paris, I paid (4 Euros) a visit to Amorino almost every day. Italian gelato at it's finest (outside of Italy, that is, see below). The best one was at Rue de Buci, right next to the Taschen bookstore (which I totally loved too, the interior was really cool). The good thing about Amorino is, apart from the ice cream being so extremely great, that you buy a cup or cone and you can fill it with
AS MANY FLAVOURS AS YOU LIKE!! Mmm. And the ice cream is extraordinary. The best ones at Amorino were: passion fruit, mascarpone, pistachio.
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Blue Ice - Rome

Yet another school excursion that took place June last year. We found a crazy neon ice cream chain that was amazing! (there is one right near Fontana di Trevi) I have no words. Well, allright. I have three.. FRUTTI. DI. BOSCO.
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Sofia said...

ok...Rebecca..så det får bli en tur till Lejonet och Björnen också efter detta inlägg..
-Om det är soligt och varmt. Annars får jag uppsöka något trevligt cafe med massor av sötsaker= jag älskar tårter..