Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wish list item #4

In The Republica yesterday, I saw a post that really tickled my tastebuds. There is a new restaurant in Chicago called Alinea, where a 30-course "tour" is available for anyone who is willing to spend $175. I totally would be, had I actually GOT the money to go to Chicago and pay for dinner.

Grant Achatz
, some famous prize-winning chef of whom I have never heard, is the brain behind Alinea, he sure seems to be an innovative fella. Just take a look at what foodandwine.com has to say about him:

"Any ingredient that strays into his kitchen is examined, poked, prodded, stretched, reshaped, transubstantiated. Herbs are turned into gas, fruit is turned into paper, pizza is stripped of crunch and chew until it's nothing but pure flavor. By tomato season in 2003, Achatz had figured out how to blow bubbles out of mozzarella and trap tomato foam inside them. The search for tools that enable such culinary makeovers has led Achatz and his cooks to laboratory-equipment manufacturers, snack-food conventions and the corner hardware store."

The Republica linked to eGullet forums (a place where I will set foot more often for sure) where a full walkthrough of the meal with pictures (oh, the pictures!) is available (six pages, be sure to see them all!). It kinda made me hungry. But THIRTY courses? I am kind of a petite girl. This would probably be even worse than my Lejonet & Björnen-experience. But still..

Ok, so I blog about food all the time... it seems to be what interests me the most at the moment..


Anne said...

Very cool! Here's a neat post about a similar restaurant, the food sound fab but a bit.. over the top.


I belive Bon Lloc in Stockholm is going for kind of the same vibe - at least their cookbook gives that kind of idea.

//Anne - another Foodie Fashionista

Rebecca said...

Oh darn it.. it will have to be TWO many-course-dinners if I ever go to Chicago. It looked delicious!

Have you tried Bon Lloc? Stockholm is a bit closer to Gothenburg...

Rebecca said...

Hold on.. wait a minute.. Did you say COOKBOOK?? Must have. Now.

If you like cookbooks, take a look at this post from ages ago:


Anne said...

I *did* say cookbook :) It's very affordable and fun to look at, but not very practical. It's not what I reach for when I'm like "hey, what to make for dinner.." :) But it is fun.

Nope, haven't been there to eat yet though. Surprisingly, I don't eat out much, but it's definitely on my "to try"-list. Soon.

Thanks for the recs of the Gourmet cookbooks - I've only looked at them in the store (bokrea, if I remember correctly) but they didn't sing out "buy me, buy me". I'll have another look! :)

Rebecca said...

The boring look of Fredagsgourmet is deceiving. Det är insidan som räknas!

Jenny said...

Oh my god!!!
What an amazing place. My keyboard is all clogged up from the drooling.
Can I find any good tips of restaurants in Gothenburg and Skåne on your blogg?

Rebecca said...

Skåne I know nothing about.. But I have mentioned a great sushiplace in Gothenburg called Tempu. And there will be more reviews of Gothenburg restaurants soon. I have a a couple of favourites...

Jenny said...

Thanks for that. Lejonet & Björnen seems like a definite must.
Going to Gothenburg this summer so I'll definitely keep a close eye on your blogg.