Monday, May 30, 2005

The "Emerald" of eyeliners

Ok. So I made loads of people aware of eyeshadow "Emerald" from The Body Shop (see post). The time has come for me to share this eyeliner as well. I got the tip from a friend at work, who is very dark-featured with brown eyes. It was lovely on her. I am more of a blonde (even though I am technically not, nowadays), but to my great joy it looked great on me too. Conclusion: this tip applies to everyone.

Isa Dora "Perfect Contour Kajal" The shade: "71 Atlantic".
Write that down. It's the perfect way to frame your "Emerald" eyes (I either use it on the inside of the lashes or as an eyeliner or even shadow!). A little blueish, a little greenish. Lots of sparkle. Minimum hole in the wallet. You'll love it.

Get it anywhere in Sweden or here from the www.


Johanna said...

Oooh I love it too! Fab colour, and don't mind the fuzz about blondes with blue eyes not looking good in blue make-up, I use it frequently.

Rebecca said...

Hehe, I do too.