Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Creativity will not take me far...

...when I have the annoying habit of "saving" my favourite pieces of clothing for special occasions. And when those special occasions come, I get so tired of picking out what to wear, that I just grab something random. Meaning that my wardrobe is full(and steadily growing, I am sorry to say) of lovely clothes that I never wear.

And what about The Dress? Why does it always feel too dressed up when it's the most practical thing in the world? (Killer Biscotti Friend, remember our Campaign for Klänningens Avdramatiserande? Time for a revival.)

I have to end this ridiculous behaviour. Now. More dresses. No more saving stuff.

Am I alone?


amylou said...

Hi Rebecca. I agree completely. No one will ever get to see me look my best if I wait for some gala that's never going to happen. The problem is that I don't have enough. I want a whole closet full so that I never feel like I'm wasting a Saturday dress on a Tuesday.

Rebecca said...

Quit thinking "wasting". Go for "honoring by wearing and showing to the world" a Saturday dress.. or something..